It can be very frustrating when you've made up your mind to learn a new skill like touch typing only to find that your fingers don't want to do what they're told. 

So we hope that the following tips taken from many years of experience in teaching seniors to type will be of some help.  

Do one or more of these before you start your lesson for the day....

  1. Squeeze your hand into a fist, hold and then relax. Do this several times.  Squeezing a ball or a pair of socks may help.
  2. Drop your hands by your sides and give them a good shake out. This will help blood flow. 
  3. Tap your fingers in a table or desk going from inside to outside fingers (pointer finger to little finger) as if you were typing.  
  4. Soak your hands in warm water for a few minutes.  
  5. Make sure you are in a warm room.
  6. Go for a short walk first and get your whole body moving first.  
  7. Check out our FAQ tips on "Problems with 'fat' fingers".