Are you having problems hitting two or more keys at the same time?  

This problem is often experience by people using laptops or poorly deisgned keyboards.  There are two main reasons for this....

(1)  the laptop keyboard is often smaller with keys closer together and less raised which makes it difficult to sense and connect with the individual keys.  

(2) the ergonomic design of a laptop is not the best model for touch typing because you need to extend your arms further to reach the keyboard and your head is bent downwards in a stooping position.   

Both these issues make it difficult for people with larger hands to learn touch typing.  But there is a simple solution.

If you are using a laptop, we would highly recommend getting yourself a separate keyboard that you can plug in.  The keys on these are normally more spaced out and you can look at different brands to find the best one for you.  You can even try before you buy.   

Here's one more tip you may find helpful....

This tip centeres on the understanding that typing is a physical skill and it's important to have the physical setup of your computer, desk, keyboard, chair, seating posture, head, arm and hand position aligned in a way that will not stress your body.  In my own situation again (Geoff: webmaster/admin), I sit with a plugged in keyboard on my lap which means I do not need to extend my elbows past my side, a position which naturally places some pressure on the shoulder area.  Any stress you can remove is an improvement.  

Another tip is to ensure that you have your keyboard centred so that the G/H are directly in front of you.  You will not then have your hands/arms positioned off to the side.  And when you are looking straight ahead, your eyes should be looking directly at the top of your computer monitor or just over it.  If your body alignment is off, then so too will be the positioning of your fingers over the keys.  And THAT is my main point here.  It's about getting yourself in the best starting position and maintaining that while you are learning how to type.  I hope this helps.  It has certainly made a lot of difference for me.